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1080p Televisions

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1080p TV

What are 1080p televisions? 1080p televisions feature the hottest, newest generation of High Definition technology. Setting new standards in the world of High Definition TVs, 1080p is in a class by itself. The 1080 refers to the picture resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. The "p" stands for progressive scanning, the process that maximizes picture quality by “drawing” the image 60 times per second. All 1080p televisions have the capacity to accept signals of this magnitude. Most High Definition televisions today can accept 720p or 1080i resolution. The newest 1080p televisions deliver approximately twice the resolution of 720p. The more resolution, the clearer the picture. In the case of 1080p television, that means double the clarity of most HDTVs. What 1080p TV means for you While all High Definition television offer superb picture quality, 1080p TVs produce an even sharper, smoother and more detailed picture. In fact, 1080p is the digital standard for the television production industry. If it’s good enough for Hollywood, imagine the viewing experience it will bring to your home. To put it simply: a 1080p television delivers the High Definition industry’s highest quality progressive scan picture 1080p content With all the buzz surrounding 1080p televisions, perhaps you are wondering if there is enough content available to warrant the purchase of such a set. The answer is motion picture production companies, broadcast and cable channels, video game manufacturers, Internet sources and other markets are rapidly responding to the interest in 1080p content. If you want to position yourself on the fast track to the High Definition future, a 1080p TV is the way to go. Currently, Blu-Ray content is in most cases being delivered at full 1080p resolution, without the need for any addtional enhancement or "upconversion", producing the most stunning images available to the consumer! 1080p Televisions from Samsung, Toshiba, Sony and More – Great Prices, Free Shipping Supercharge your entertainment with a 1080p television from, your online shopping superstore. We are an authorized dealer for the most respected names in 1080p TV technology including Samsung, Toshiba and Sony. Our knowledge and experience has made us the trusted source for thousands of customers seeking high quality products, great prices and exceptional service. Plus, FREE Inside Delivery is standard with every order. -If you need more information, feel free to contact us. Our representatives are happy to share their knowledge about High Definition televisions and can help you make the right 1080p TV choice.

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