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Full Home Systems

9 Plush theater loungers from Acoustic Smart can accommodate a large group for the movies, the game or whatever the event! If that isn’t enough, the wrap–around bar at the back of the room gives an additional 3 seats for those who care to have a drink or snack while watching.

With a 1080p 3-Chip DLP projector from Sim2, a Meridian Digital Theater and a custom designed/programmed Crestron control system this Home Cinema Experience is as good as it gets. The image measures 100” Diagonal for a larger than life appearance at the highest resolution. Stereophile Class 'A' rated Meridian DSP-8000 loudspeakers are among the best in the world for ultra deep sound for both music and movies. A Crestron STX-1700CXP offers 2-Way communication and enables the user to see real time volume level and movie/music information right on the touchscreen!

The Master Bedroom has a surround system with a large 1080p Plasma and a Crestron custom controller. This surround system is controlled by a B&K digital surround receiver with all TRIAD in-ceiling speakers and a small REL subwoofer. The Panasonic 1080p Plasma delivers crisp and colorful images while the Crestron touchscreen controls everything without missing a beat.

In the kitchen you are able to listen to any of the sources on the home audio system which includes a multi-zone music server, AM/FM radio and XM satellite radio as well as watching cable television or movies from the Kaleidescape movie server on this high definition 22" television.

The great room is a great place to relax and listen to yet another Meridian Digital System with these elegant DSP-7000 loudspeakers and a pair of DSP-420 in-wall speakers provide the surround effect. For video this Fujitsu AVIAMO 65" Plasma will knock your socks off with the best picture you’ve ever seen hanging on the wall! A Crestron 2-way controller completes this system for the ultimate control.

Located in a vented closet in the basement, the multi-room audio/video distribution system has a Crestron Audio Distribution processor amplified with McIntosh & Elan amplifiers. The video system incorporates a Kaleidescape movie and music server that allows for the digital storage of thousands of CD's and DVD's to be watched throughout the entire house! This system truly makes this entire house a dream for a technology enthusiast!

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