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Factory Authorized Dealer

Factory Authorized HDTV Dealer - The High Definition Store

Buying a high definition television online is incredibly easy and convenient. Unfortunately, the Internet is also a breeding ground for unscrupulous merchants. How can you tell the good from the bad? The key to protecting your investment is making sure you only purchase merchandise from an authorized dealer.

When you purchase from an authorized high definition television dealer such as, you are buying from a company that:

* Has received training directly from the television manufacturer representatives
* Is certified by the manufacturer to sell their products
* Meets the manufacturer’s standards of sales and service
* Will honor all manufacturer warranties
* Provides service and support for all products they sell
* Purchases their high definition televisions directly from the manufacturers
* Has a warehouse that stocks the merchandise
* Engages in proper business practices
* Shows fiscal responsibility

Products bought from unauthorized dealers may:

* Not include valid manufacturer warranties
* Be counterfeit
* Have been tampered with
* Be defective
* Be missing package accessories

Some unauthorized dealer websites may seem to offer lower prices on their products. In the end, however, you may find that there are significant disadvantages that far outweigh any cost savings. is an authorized dealer for every product we sell. When you purchase from us, you can be confident that we have been trained by the manufacturers to sell their merchandise and that all products adhere to the manufacturers’ quality assurance standards. We understand how to service the product and will honor all manufacturer warranties.

If you have any questions about our authorized status, feel free to contact us.