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Music Hall A70.2

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  • 125 watt/ch stereo amp
  • ultra quiet preamp section with gold plated inputs
  • high qrade no-short speaker binding posts for A & B speakers
  • direct AV (home theater bypass) input
  • CD, Tuner, Aux, iPod input, XLR, and MM phono input
  • gorgeous slim line system remote control
  • low distortion, highly accurate TI PGA 2311 digitally controlled analog volume control
  • special vibration damping feet
  • dual-mono design
  • preamp output
  • headphone output
  • detachable AC cable
  • 2 x massive Toroidal power transformer (one for each channel)
  • thick brushed aluminum fascia
  • easily readable and dimmable vacuum florescent display
  • solid chassis
  • voltage switchable

technical specifications

  • w17.1 x d15.9 x h6.1 in.
  • 31 lbs. pkg.


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