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TEAC HA-501 Dual-Monaural Discrete Class-A headphone amplifier. *Black or Silver

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TEAC HA-501 Dual-Monaural Discrete Class-A headphone amplifier Everything is Designed to Maximize Headphone Potential Full-Analog Dual Monaural Headphone Amplifier Introduce yourself to TEAC’s HA-501, a fully analog, dual monaural headphone amplifier with elegance. Part of the 501 series, this Class-A amplifier delivers superior sound quality, a sleek, modern look, all encased in a rugged but compact design. The HA-501 supplies regular headphone listeners with quality sound, features and adaptable options that cannot be found in regular amplifiers. Pair it with your favorite headphones the same way you would a normal amp with favored speakers and take advantage of DC Servo Technology, Switchable damping Factors, High Output Power, a large Toroidal-Core Power Transformer and relax to your favorite music or radio broadcast. • Full analog circuit design • Discrete design Class-A Amplifier • Dual Monaural design • Active DC Servo technology • Dual MUSES8920 Op-amps for Left and Right channels • 1,400mW + 1,400mW Output Power (at 32 ohms) • Damping Factor Selector • Over-sized Toroidal-core Power Transformer • Full-metal Jacket, Rigid construction • A pair of XLR connectors by Neutrik for balanced audio input • 2 pair of RCA pin connectors for unbalanced audio input on rear (Gold-plated) • 1 stereo audio input on front (1/8" or 3.5mm Stereo Mini Jack) • 1 stereo headphone out on front (1/4" or 6.35mm Stereo Jack) • 1 pair of RCA pin connectors for stereo unbalanced audio output (Gold-plated) • Switchable output line level (Fixed, Variable, Off) • +/-15V high voltage operation current achieved high S/N ratio • Precisely machined aluminum knobs (Volume, Input Selector, Damping Factor Selector) • Auto-muting when headphone plug is disconnected • A 3-polar AC socket with a detachable AC cable

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